The soft glimmer of the gas flame creates visions of cobblestone streets, gas lighters and horse drawn carriages. The images dance through the imagination like the light dancing from the open flame of our gas lanterns. Create a setting or re-create a period with the variety of available lantern designs. Whether your taste is for the dancing light of the open gas flame of the constant soft ember-like glow of the mantle style, Kahalley's craftsmen are ready to create, the effect you desire.

Gas Lighting -
A nostalgic approach and a unique alternative by Kahalley.

Gas 100 Series
Gas 400 Series
Gas 800 Series
  100 Series   400 Series   800 Series  
  Gas Model, Four Sided With Access Door   Gas Model, Four Sided With Removable Top   Gas Model, Four Sided With Removable Top  

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Standing roughly 12 inches tall, the Carriage lantern is by far the smallest lantern that we manufacture. This small but beautiful lantern comes in electric only, being that itís too small for gas. However, the Carriage lantern was designed to replace your standard porch light and still give the elegance of copper lighting.

L920-E Series
L921-E Series
L922-E Series
L970-E Series
  L920-E Series   L921-E Series   L922-E Series   L970-E Series  

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Through the years we have built many custom fixtures for customers all over the country. Our coppersmiths here are ready and willing to custom build just about any lamp you want. So if you have a design that you want built then just give us a call or email us and we will be glad to help.


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